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Dawgs Football
Decatur Catholic schools join together for Decatur Catholic football
 for 1st-8th graders. 

Dawgs Cheerleading

Cheerleaders from 1st-8th grade from Decatur Catholic schools show off their skills during Dawgs Football games.


St. Patrick School co-ops with Holy Family and Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Schools in our Decatur Catholic Co-op to offer a wide variety of sports programs.  

football game
girls basketball game

K-8th grade boys and girls play for our Decatur Catholic program.

​Track and Field

Decatur Catholic offers track and field for boys and girls from 5th-8th grade.

Girls Basketball

5th-8th grade girls play for our Decatur Catholic team.

Cross Country

Boys and girls from 5th-8th grade play for our Decatur Catholic team.​


Boys Basketball
5th-8th grade boys play for our Decatur Catholic team.


5th-8th grade girls play for our Decatur Catholic team.

Winter sports

building teamwork and physical fitness 

spring sports

girls volleyball team

fall sports