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“My grandma, I would say is the hero in my life, because she teaches me like everything I need to know about life.”

“My parents are my heroes because of the support they’ve given me.”

“My hero is my mom because she survived cancer.”

“My dad is my hero because he helps me with my homework, and he’s super kind.”


Everyone needs a hero in their life. At St. Patrick School, our heroes help our children learn, grow, and love.

“What I like about this school is the teachers are very nice, and they have a good physical education program.”

“Well, what I like best about St. Patrick School is because the teachers will do everything it takes to help you, and this is a good environment of education and making really good friends here. There’s no better place.”

Since 1882, St. Patrick School has provided a faith-filled education for students from all walks of life. Our school provides a caring, family environment to help our children thrive. St. Patrick School offers a well-rounded education with the latest technology, opportunities for friends and fun, and a spiritual adventure.

“I like the community feel. It’s like a home. The kids come, and they become family. The teachers are family. It’s my favorite part of being at St. Patrick School.” -Lara Vespa, Kindergarten Teacher

“I love teaching at St. Patrick School for actually two reasons. I actually went to this school as a student so it’s kind of fun to be back where I started. And then, I love the supportive parents.” -Molly Davis, Fifth Grade Teacher


Become a hero for St. Patrick School students by donating today. You can never have too many heroes. Thank you!

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