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     St. Patrick School provides healthy meal options for all grades. 

     We participate in the National Free and Reduced Breakfast/Lunch program. Applications for free or reduced meals are available in the registration packet or from the school office.

​     Menus are posted to Fast Direct.


Breakfast on the Go

Breakfast on the Go is purchased and eaten in the classroom at the beginning of each school day. Breakfast includes breakfast bar or muffin, fruit, and milk for $1.30.

Hot Lunches

St. Patrick School offers hot lunches for $3.15 which includes milk. Lunch fees may accrue up to $30.00 per family. After that the family will be asked to send a bag lunch until the bill is paid. Adult lunches are $4. 

Bag Lunches

Students who bring a bag lunch may purchase milk for $0.50 a carton. 

Double Entres

Students may purchase a second entree for an additional cost of $1.75. This includes free and reduced students.


Breakfast & lunch

students eating salads