The handbook is a guide to everything a parent or guardian needs to know about St. Patrick School from admission to rules and regulations. Download our handbook.

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The mission of St. Patrick School is to provide a quality Catholic education, value oriented, and focused on the children we serve.
     St. Patrick School is a state recognized non-public school. It is a center of Catholic education which provides the special setting where by the four-fold purpose of Christian education (message, community, worship, and service) can be realized. The integration of religious truths and values with the rest of life is achieved first of all in the lived experience of the family. The teachers see themselves as co-workers and co-witnesses with parents in the important ministry of Catholic education.

     Each child is a unique person, called to happiness with God now and in eternity, and gifted with developing talents - religious, intellectual, moral, physical, emotional and social - which will be developed to their greatest potential in a positive learning environment where love and trust call forth in each child an understanding of their own dignity as a baptized Catholic.

     The teachers strive to provide a well-balanced program, maintaining a priority of objectives and a scale of values consistent with the ministry entrusted to them by the Church. Their integrated approach to learning and living their own lives shall exemplify authentic Catholic living. Through instructional and creative activities, the student experiences integration of faith and service within the context of the classroom and school community.

     Working together, parents, teachers, and students make St. Patrick school a Catholic community of faith which enriches the community of the Catholic Church and the wider world community.

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Students will be provided access to a variety of age-appropriate, appealing food and beverage choices that are consistent with the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Read our wellness plan.


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Blessed with the distinction of being the oldest parish in the city, the heritage of St. Patrick School is rich indeed. Learn more about our school's history.