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Starting in 4th grade students may choose to participate in Intro to Band.  If they choose to continue past 4th grade they may join Beginning Band and eventually Concert Band. Many instruments are available to play including flute, drums, trumpet, clarinet, and saxophone.

They learn a variety of songs including those in popular movies so students maintain a strong level of interest that can take them to high school and beyond!

Our Junior High, choir is optional. Students meet once a week after school and perform at school concerts and local nursing homes. Each year is topped off with a five day trip where the choir performs at various places and goes on a variety of fun excursions. Past trips have included Branson, Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Nashville.​​

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Junior High Choir

Glee Choir

St. Patrick School not only integrates music into the school day from preschool through 5th grade, but a wide variety of extracurricular music options are also available. Students in 2nd and 3rd grade work primarily with recorder curriculums. In 5th grade, ukuleles are introduced as part of their learning.

The Glee Choir is comprised of all 3rd, 4th, & 5th graders. They meet every Tuesday from 2:00-2:40 to practice. They sing at school concerts and local nursing homes at Christmas and in the Spring.

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