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Our music teacher, Mrs. Shay, incorporates a range of musical activities into her daily lessons including:

  • Recorders for 2nd and 3rd grade
  • Intro to Band for 4th grade
  • Beginning & concert Bands
  • Ukuleles in 5th & 7th
  • Glee Choir for 3rd-5th grades
  • Junior High Choir
  • Chimes, Prodigy Bell Curriculum, Boom whackers, & Drums

An education at St. Patrick School also includes physical education, music, art, and technology classes to give our students the opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities to keep them engaged throughout the day.


Technology is abundant at St. Patrick School and plays an integral part of our STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, Math) education. Our technology classes are taught and maintained by Mrs. Shay and include:

  • iPads for every student in Kindergarten-3rd
  • Chromebooks for every student in 4th-8th
  • Smartboards in Kindergarten-8th grades
  • 3D printers
  • Computer programming and coding  
  • ​Maker Space lab with computers, robotics, & 
    circuit training.

Our art teacher Mrs. Hoerdeman teaches the elements and principles of art as well as art history. Students in Pre-K 3 through 8th grade receive art instruction every week. Students participate in discussions about a variety of art topics and produce art in many different styles and mediums. Students are encouraged to express themselves in their artwork using the techniques they have learned and to think creatively to solve problems they may encounter.



students doing art
junior high with ipads

physical education

beyond the classroom 

Physical education and healthy lifestyles are important to students and families at St. Patrick School. Our PE classes include tests on sports and fitness, the Presidential Fitness Test, and a wide variety of activities from yoga to sports to scooter games.

Our PE teacher, Mrs. Montgomery, teaches our students that exercise is fun!