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Mrs. Lara Vespa 

1st Grade

Mrs. Sara Babb

2nd Grade

Mrs. Lisa Cervantes

3rd Grade
Mrs. Pam Martin-Hull 

4th Grade

Mrs. Megan Hull

5th Grade​

Miss Molly Davis

Our highly qualified, certified teachers bring excitement and fun to the classroom!

Our teachers want to be partners with you in your child's education. Effective parent and teacher communication can take your child's learning to the next level. Teachers are on Fast Direct daily, and it is the easiest and fastest way to communicate. 

6th Grade Homeroom 
Jr. High Language Arts

Ms. Cheryl Pearson

7th Grade Homeroom
Jr. High Religion & Science

Mrs. Traci Friel

8th Grade Homeroom 
Jr. High Social Studies & Math
Mr. Jerry Spain


​​​3-Year-Old Preschool

Miss DiBeradino

3-Year-Old Preschool Aide
Mrs. Kandace Contreras

4-Year-Old Preschool

Mrs. Julie Hettinger

​4-Year-Old Preschool Aides

​Sr. Rosemary & Mrs. Francie Brown

preschool faculty

Jr. High faculty

Faculty & staff

​​​​Parish Priest

Father Chris Comerford

School Principal

Mr. Nick Blackburn

School Secretary

Mrs. Michelle Gillespie

​Mrs. Lisa Collins

Extended Care
Mrs. Linda Hess

Ms. Alexandra Schrieber


Pete Brosamer

​Hugh Good


Dawn Brosamer

​​Music & Technology (Pre-K through 8)

Mrs. Billie Shay 

P.E./Library/Supervision (PreK-8)

Mrs. Michele Montgomery

Mrs. Jessica Hoerdeman


st. patrick school teachers

elementary faculty