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St. Patrick School offers a number of fundraisers to help raise money for the school. Participation in these fundraisers is essential to keeping costs down.  

In addition, we offer several fundraisers to personally help you offset tuition and save for school trips, such as the annual junior high choir trip and the eighth grade trip!

Helping you keep tuition affordable

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Cards Delivered to Your Door

Scrip - Gift Card & Certificate Program

St. Patrick School sells gift cards and certificates for many popular retail stores and restaurants, receiving a percentage of the face value of the card. The money received from the sale is applied toward the school and toward the tuition account of the family that made the sale. Scrip can be purchased by filling out an order form or by calling (217) 429-5363. You may also order online and have the cards delivered to your door. Click the link above and register. Enroll code is D993A8375853.

Earn service hours, tuition credit, or choir credit for selling pull-tabs at Bingo on Monday nights at the Macon County Fairgrounds. These will be credited two times a year in October and April. Sign up online at
SignUpGenius or by calling Billie (217) 358-0007.

personal fundraisers

OTHER fundraisers

School fundraisers

Many other smaller fundraisers are also offered throughout the year.

Information on these will be sent home in the Monday File Folders. 

Annual School Fund Drive

Each year St. Patrick School attempts to offset its operating expenses through an Annual School Fund Drive. This campaign reaches out to the parents, parishioners, alumni, faculty, grandparents, friends and the community for their support. All are encouraged to be receptive to pledging prayers for our students and staff and in doing whatever else is possible through service, donations or other financial gifts.

St. Patrick Auction

This annual event raises money for some of our large expenses such as new boilers, iPads, textbooks, etc. It is held in the spring and many volunteers work throughout the year to make it a success.

St. Teresa High School Annual Mega Raffle

St. Patrick School participates in the annual St. Teresa High School Mega Raffle. Ten dollars out of each $100 ticket that is sold by a St. Patrick family is returned to St. Patrick School. Information and tickets are available in the spring.