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WHat do you enjoy most at school?

“We're one-to-one iPads so all the kids have access to the Internet and to information real quick. STREAM is important because it gives the kids a chance to problem-solve without realizing that's what they're going to do. In the world today, that's going be what makes them stand out is given a problem can you solve it.” - Mrs. Mumaw, Junior High Math and Science Teacher

“My favorite thing that I've done here is when we dissected a frog this year. I was interesting.” - Sarah Keyes, 8th Grade

WHAT DO YOU like most about st. patrick SCHOOL?

“That the teachers to do everything it takes to help you. This is a good environment of education. You make really good friends and there's no better place.” - Theo DeLong, 8th Grade

“I think that at this age these kids need to have more hands-on. They need to be learning how to ask questions. They need to know where to find answers and so through the subjects that I teach I'm hoping that I give these kids a good foundation of how to problem-solve, where to go look for answers, and have fun at the same time.” - Mrs. Mumaw, Junior High Math and Science Teacher

​What's your favorite sports memory?

"We're in a basketball game and one of my good friends, Tyler Johnson, he got the rebound off the backboard. He went to the other opponents basket and shot the ball so it gave them an extra two points, and I was like, 'Oh, come on!'" - Theo DeLong, 8th Grade


“I’d like to thank the parishioners for everything that they have given and all their time and money to support our school and allowing all of my class and seventh grade and sixth grade and everybody to come and get a good education here.” - Sarah Keyes, 8th Grade

“And they helped us with our basketball, our auctions that we have here, all our activities. They all perform, and they just helped us out a lot.” - Theo DeLong, 8th Grade

“We have a group of parishioners both from St. James and St. Patrick that have supported us to the point where without them we would be lost.” - Mrs. Mumaw, Junior High Math and Science Teacher

Find out more about St. Patrick School's eighth grade class. Hear from Mrs. Mumaw and a couple eighth grade students about what they enjoy most about St. Patrick School and their favorite memories of their time here.

Meet the Eighth Grade